We Youth Tunisia is committed to empower the Youth sector‘s participation in decision making , leadership education , social and civic engagement, furthering youth opportunities in non-formal and vocational education ,exchange programs , intercultural dialogue and committed to create “change agents” and Youth Leaders within community .


We will work towards the creation of sustainable and gender sensitive nationwide umbrella organization that will fully mobilize the youth population to actively participate in personal and social development strengthening the civil society movement through active participation in social issues, transformation of the country's socio-cultural situation and uplifting the economic conditions with the long term aim of improving the youth situation.

Our GoALS..

• To provide the youth with the necessary and the right tools to improve the skills that will offer them the opportunities and the confidence to create the positive change that We Youth aims to achieve in our beloved Tunisia.

• Open the doors for the youth to discover and to take advantage from the opportunities concerning exchange program, workshops, international and national conferences, jobs and grants… through sharing unlimited resources

• To create a strong, sustainable national youth umbrella organization that would become a vehicle in strengthening the relationship of youth organizations

• To actively advocate for youth issues in development, human rights movements and promote a positive image of Tunisia youth to motivate more participation and contribution for the country's development..

• To improve the social-cultural role and condition of the youth preserving the youth’s cultural identity.

We have our principales

This organization is based on a group of principles:

• Eliminate exclusion and trusteeship
• Mutual respect between members
• Complete independence of the organization from across the political spectrum and the rest of the components of civil society





Avenue 14 January, Port road km 1.5, Sfax 3049 (near to Lagare station)


+216 24 015 387